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Spiritual and Physical Healing: A Combined Approach

If you follow me at all on social media, you may have noticed that I have started offering Aura and Chakra Energy Healing services at my practice. This was something that I waffled on for a long time, as I spent many years in school looking at best pratices, science of all kinds and enumerable research studies. Although in Eastern Medicine healing of the energy body in collaboration with medical intervention is quite normal, this concept is not as well received in our culture.

For a long time I was afraid of my current clients thinking that I was crazy, a witch doctor or just some kind of hippie. But with time I realized that I can make the decision to keep treating those clients with more standard practices, while still offering more holistic treatment plans to anyone else who may be interested. I've always been drawn to the concept of energy flow and things like crystals having specific vibrational properties. If this is something that has been helpful for me, why be afraid to combine healing of both the energy and physical bodies when this is such a common practice in other cultures?

What is the Energy Body?

Most often when we talk about "energy", its in reference to a power source or your level of tiredness. But when we talk about energy healing, we are referring to Prana, Life Energy or Vital Energy. It is proposed that as we live and breathe, we absorb and produce energy. When we harness this flow of energy and become more balanced, the distance which this energy emanates from us increases. The energy that flows outward from our physical body is sometimes referred to as the Aura. As there is a connection between the physical body and the energy body, when the physical body dies, this energy production also stops.

With the appropriate training we can learn to feel the energy body of our clients, never touching them directly but rather opening our senses to react to the subtle energy that they produce. In feeling the Aura, we can determine where there may be blockages, too much energy or energy that feels unhealthy. These types of observations typically correspond with a physical, mental or emotional symptom, and working on these symptoms via energy or the physical will in turn benefit the health of both.

I'm guessing You think that there's no way this works

I sometimes get self conscious when people who do not already believe in the existence of the Energy Body begin to ask me questions. As I am just like any normal human, I have a tendency to fear judgement, but when it comes down to it, there is nothing wrong with sharing information and letting people decide upon their opinion from there.

My favorite way to explain why I believe involving treatment of the energy body is beneficial, is the idea of both positive mindset and intentionality. Studies have shown that positive demeanor in doctors and nurses may help to increase positive treatment outcomes, and on the other side of things, that parents who lack a positive mindset often see mental health issues later on in the lives of their children. When I work with Energy Healing clients, I always ask them to remain open during the session, and to set an intention to help cleanse and balance their energy in assistance to my process. When we are open to change, the possibility of a positive outcome increases, and when we are intentional in our thoughts and actions, we can focus in on our desired result. If positive mindset and intentional action can benefit our everyday life, why can't it assist in our bodily wellbeing?

And for you skeptics out there, I will always say that Energy Healing IS NOT a replacement for traditional forms of medicine! Although we can positively benefit the physical body by cleansing the energy body, do not mistake this as a replacement for your current medical intervention. If you've found that traditional treatments have not been able to completely eradicate your physical or mental symptoms, who knows, maybe Energy Healing is the last little push that your body needs to get back to normal.

Kristen Huber BaKin, CAT(C)

Owner, the Gentle Athletic Therapist

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