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Athletic Therapists exist in several roles on the sports field and in a clinical rehab setting. On the sideline, we are responsible for emergency management and acute injury care. Trained to perform in depth injury assessments and create structured exercise plans, we help our clients return to pain free and functional activity. Whether you want to return to pro sport, or just want to have a pain free round of golf, Athletic Therapy may be the right choice for you


I have been establishing myself as an Athletic Therapist in Alberta since 2019, and have developed a reputation as the place to go for treatment and rehabilitation after an injury. Get in touch to find out more and to book your

first appointment.

If you'd like to get to know more about me, My name is Kristen and I am the sole owner and operator of the Gentle Athletic Therapist. I completed my Kinesiology degree in 2017, and followed it up with post graduate studies majoring in Athletic Therapy, which I completed in 2019. Since then I have worked in multidisciplinary settings, with ACAC varsity athletics at Olds college and now operate out of my own space at my home in Calgary. 

Sports have always been a part of my life, and I grew up playing club softball and curling competitively. These days, my favourite sports to work sideline for include hockey and lacrosse, and I have worked everything from rhythmic gymnastics to pickle ball to Judo. 

In terms of clinical care, I can't say that I have a favourite thing to deal with. I always want to help people when I can, and if I can't I make sure to refer to someone who can. Although my treatment may not always feel gentle, my approach to interacting with clients and meeting their goals is how I found the name, the Gentle Athletic Therapist.

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